Egg noodles

One of the frequent “problems” encountered when starting LCHF is to know with what to substitute common food items used before.
Friday night. A family (maybe Shabbat) dinner, with the traditional family dishes: chicken soup with noodles! How do you do that on LCHF? Well, there’s the “Chinese way” of stirring in beaten eggs to make egg droppings (think Chinese corn soup) but what if you want the more substantial noodle texture? Yup, even that can be done in LCHF.

אטריות ביצים

4 eggs
2 tsp psyllium
A bunch of parsley
A pinch of salt
Optional: garlic powder, ground mustard seeds, hot pepper etc

What to do:
Heat the oven to 150⁰ C and put baking paper on a pan.
Chop the parsley and mix all the ingredients very well.
Let sit for about 5-7 mins and then spread it evenly on the pan. It should be a thin layer, only 3-4 mm thick.
Bake for appr. 10 min, just so the batter stiffens and starts to be very light golden.
Take the pan out of the oven and quickly roll the platter tightly with the help of the baking paper. (Leave the baking paper on.)
Let cool.
Unroll the platter and remove the baking paper. Then roll it up again and cut thin slices across.