After I left the army I decided to make a change in my life. At the age of 22, after countless attempts and failures with various diets, the life changing idea of LCHF reached my ears.

At first, I innocently thought it was yet another of those diets that promises a flat stomach, so I wasn’t too excited and quite skeptical. I couldn’t believe that this time it would be a method that I could stick with, and that the day would come that I could actually do strenuous exercise without feeling heavy and tired. Mostly, I didn’t believe I would see physical results on my body such as weight loss, and disappearance of acne, while enjoying being on a diet!

Despite all the skepticism I decided to go for it and to my surprise, the results weren’t long in coming! Within a month I found quite a change in my body – I felt lighter, even though the weight loss came only later.

Within just a few months I lost quite a bit of weight, my body started to reshape, I felt healthy and light, and I was just plain happier.
The LCHF approach isn’t an unfounded method, it’s based on science and lots of studies that until now have largely been ignored. Beyond the weight loss, I found that I can be on a diet and stay a happy person. I can eat whenever I want, and what’s more, I can even eat foods that previously were absolutely prohibited!

Today, LCHF has become an integral part of my life. I feel good about myself, I enjoy eating and mostly I’m glad to know I lead a healthy life.