Low carb cooking the LCHF way is not very different from other cooking.

The rule of thumb is to avoid using wheat and other grains, sugars and starches, as well as margarine and other processed foods. Try using natural ingredients as much as possible – in their natural form – or products where the list of ingredients on the box is very short.
In fact, there is no reason not to adapt your regular favorite recipes as needed and according to the amount of carbohydrates you’ve decided to allow yourself. But sometimes it’s nice and refreshing with new ideas.

Of course, the Internet offers endless low-carb recipes in English, but often they are not adapted to products that can be found in Israel, and frequently they are not kosher.

For your convenience, here are some basic kosher recipes, based on products that are easy to find in Israel, and that may make it easier for you to enter the low-carb kitchen.

Every now and then I’ll add new recipes here on the site, and you are welcome to come back and catch up, but you should know that all the recipes listed here, along with many more, can be found in my cookbook:
Tasty Healthy Easy LCHF: Kosher Low-Carb Cooking for Beginners”.